Dataset Description

The box lifting dataset demonstrates the use of accelerometer and gyro sensors to assess and advise workers in real-time of proper lifting technique using a low-power sensing wearable incorporated into a typical back support brace as shown.

The wearable (a QuickLogic Chilkat EOS S3AI device) is built into the back brace at the centerline aligning with the spine and midway vertically on the belt.

Data is then collected as the wearer performs lifting of a box from floor level using both proper technique and improper technique.  According to OSHA website eTools: Correct neutral posture is “where the body is aligned and balanced, while sitting or standing. The head is kept upright and is not turned to either side more than about 30 degrees or tilted forward or backward more than about 15 degrees. When the worker is standing, the torso is not bent more than 10 to 20 degrees from the vertical position and the natural curves of the spine are maintained. The pelvis and shoulders should face straight ahead to avoid twisting the torso. The shoulders are relaxed and knees slightly bent. The arms hang normally at the side, with elbows close to the body. The elbows are not bent more than about 90 degrees and the palms face in toward each other and the center line of the body. The wrists are in line with the forearms and are not bent sideways, forward (towards the palm), or backward (towards the back of the hand.)”